Global call to share good practices in public management

Jan 27, 2016

The United Regions Organization (ORU Fogar), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), launched a global call for good practices in public management by regional governments.

The contest intends to promote and encourage sharing of good practices, which have been implemented by regional governments, with the aim of improving the quality of services provided to citizens. The First Regional Good Practices Award targets regions, provinces, federal states and networks of regional governments that wish to strongly contribute – locally and internationally – towards better service delivery for all citizens.

“The Regional Best Practices Award is an excellent initiative to promote the sharing of innovative approaches as well as effective and efficient solutions from local governance stakeholders from around the world. It is also an opportunity to promote the role of local and regional governments in addressing development challenges and contributing to the well-being of the citizens”, said UNDP’s ART Initiative – Hub for Territorial Partnerships Coordinator, Giovanni Camilleri.

Best practices can be submitted in English, French and Spanish on a rolling basis until March 15th, 2016. Guidelines to participate are available on ORU Fogar’s website. A team of well-known trajectory and public credibility, among which outstanding professionals of the academic, business, cultural and public administration sectors, will be responsible for selecting the finalists and the winners of each category among all Good Practices submitted.

The best practices, screened and selected as finalists, will be presented during the VII Summit of Regional Governments (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 14-15 April 2016), published on ORU Fogar’s website and disseminated through organizers and partners’ channels to ensure maximum outreach and support to local and regional governments as key actors of development.

Contact information

Any request for information can be sent to or by phone at: +34 607050705.

All the information and application forms will be available on ORU Fogar’s website

For more updates, follow on Twitter @UNDP_ART and @ORUFOGAR

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