EU - UNDP Partnership

The European Union support to UNDP makes a real difference to people’s lives, with millions around the world having better access to justice and public services, enjoying the right to vote, receiving support to recover from crisis or conflict and living in resilient communities.

Basic Services:

  • 1.8 million displaced men, women and children returned home in Iraq
  • Improved public services such as sanitation and fire-fighting services for more than 477,000 Syrians and host community members in Turkey
  • Access to healthcare, education and electricity at home thanks to solar energy systems for over 43,000 in Yemen
  • 65,000 in Sudan benefited from peace and conflict prevention projects

Democratic Governance:

  • Supported 185 elections, including in 20 post-conflict settings
  • Better access to public services for 7.5 million in Ukraine
  • Improved access to justice and fair trials for 28 million in Bangladesh
  • Better oversight over public finances for Parliaments in Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa

Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy and Climate:

  • 31 countries supported to fulfil their commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
  • 206 kindergartens, schools and medical centres converted to green energy in Moldova
  • 1,600 civil protection brigadiers trained in emergency preparedness in Haiti
  • Building stronger disaster preparedness and protection systems in 7 countries and territories in the Western Balkans.

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