Working groups

The DPG coordination architecture consists of technical working groups; donor-government sector working groups and donor working groups.

1.    Governance Technical Working Group (GTWG), which consists of Civil Society and the Justice, Safety and Conflict sub-groups;

2.    Donor Group on Gender Equality (DGGE)

3.    Health, Population and Nutrition (HPN)

4.    Macro-economic Discussion Forum (MDF)

5.    Public Financial Management (PFM) 

6.   Basic Service Delivery 

 7. Institutional Development Sector Working Group

Some technical working groups have evolved into sector working groups co-chaired by both Government and development partners. For example, the Private Sector Development and Trade Working Group is co-chaired by the Ministry of Industry together with two development partners, and the Macro-economic Discussion Forum is co-chaired by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation and the African Development Bank (AfDB). In addition to the five aforementioned groups, twelve sector working groups fall under the auspices of Effective Development Cooperation Task Force. The Effective Development Cooperation Task Force (EDCTF) follow-up the implementation of High Level Forum Action points and proper functionality of DAG working groups.