Every year, Yemen’s 1.2 million native bee colonies produce more than 1,500 tons of honey, providing income to an estimated 100,000 beekeepers.


Under the ERRYII, FAO aims to strengthen livelihood options and shore up productive assets of more than 370 000 vulnerable people, focusing on the most vulnerable populations such as unemployed youth,…


“Being featured in the BBC list of 100 Most Influential Women for 2020 gives great pride to me, my business partners, and Yemen as a whole,” says Iman, a solar power plant manager from Abss, Yemen.

Can Solar Power Save Lives in Rural Yemen - Taizz - ERRY - ERRYJP2

Al-Za’zea, in the south-west of Taiz governorate, is home to close to 15,000 people. A remote area suffering economically due to the war, people have struggled to find stable work, and the rough…

Abyan City

The intervention contributed to improving the education opportunities of the children in the community; it also provided immediate food assistance through cash transfers to food insecure FFA…


“I feel independent, and it is such a gift to learn this profession.”