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Photo: UNDP/Adrian Portugal

The UNDP SDG Accelerator is a business acceleration programme that since 2017 has provided businesses at different growth/maturity stages, business incubators and accelerators with support and tools to enable implementation of the SDGs through their business models and business outputs.

The SDG Accelerator is a service offer under the UNDP Impact Venture Accelerator (IVA) approach that also covers other incubator and accelerator initiatives, as well as impact management and measurement activities for business.

Through the SDG Accelerator, UNDP delivers tailored engagements to partners:
1. Business development and sustainable innovation programmes and activities to cohorts of companies together with one or more partners.
2. Targeted support on impact measurement and management to a cohort of companies and/or a partner.

Read more about the cases, assets and partners of the SDG Accelerator and reach out to stine.junge@undp.org to learn more.