In commemoration of the Republic of Korea’s 30 years as a member of the United Nations, UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC) co-organized a High-Level Forum on the “Future of Multilateralism and the Role of the ROK” on 22 October, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN organizations, funds, and programmes operating in the Republic of Korea.

The programme featured three special panel discussions on key challenges to sustainable development and the role of the Republic of Korea in shaping the future of multilateralism. The Director a.i. of USPC contributed to a session devoted to the future of development and humanitarian cooperation. USPC's intervention emphasized the need for development to become more inclusive and sustainable, and achieved in all countries, including those possessing middle- and high-income status. Moreover, it highlighted that more effective partnerships are required to deliver on the SDGs.

Emphasizing that the year also coincides with the 10th anniversary of USPC, the Centre acknowledged the successful partnership with a broad range of Korean actors over the last decade who contributed to the Centre’s ‘SDG Partnerships’ work to share knowledge on development priorities such as sustainable forestry, anti-corruption and addressing gender-based violence. In closing, the Centre underlined the potential for collaboration that exists between the ROK and UNDP in the areas of green and just transition as well as digital transformation, as the new Strategic Plan for both actors view such topics to be key development objectives.

Boasting over eight hundred pre-registered participants, other notable speakers included the Director-General for International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the heads of other UN agencies in the ROK.


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